Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: venn rain “Crepuscular Raze” (viroidlife)

            This particular venn rain cassette begins with the sound of waves crashing and I know I’m in for a treat, so all I can do is sit back, close my eyes and let the music take me where it must.   I’m no stranger to venn rain, so pressing play on “Crepuscular Raze” was a much anticipated move on my behalf, and one worth the wait.

            There is this sort of acoustic guitar sound of Don Ho, though it’s not really a ukulele and given the waves we started with I am transported to a desert island.    Soft, abrupt trumpet notes come in next and this whole vibe is just peaceful and relaxing.  I have my feet in the sand and a cold drink in my hand (and least in my mind) as I’m watching the sunset.

            Somewhere between an indie film DVD menu screen and skipping rocks on the ocean, this particular piece is on a loop that builds, yet continues to go on what seems like infinitely.   It is something I do suggest listening to if you are either trying to find your happy place or just relax and not be so angry.   The second track on Side A also has this FNL quality to it with beeping loops, and thus it is not as relaxing but is relaxing still.

            On the flip side we have what can be described as ambient church synth.   On some levels, I’m still at the beach, but at the same time I am in a church or similar building people use for yoga and spiritual meditation beyond that as well.   It is a fine line between being zen and eerie, and venn rain finds its precise location. 

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