Wednesday, July 9, 2014


            When this Dry Socket cassette begins, there are steady beats and a certain level of electro pop rock coming out.   It reminds me of The B-52’s somehow, though there are also elements of The Doors and on a more commercial level it can also resemble The Killers.

            The second song brings out the lasers and prepares us for Side B, which begins with that alarm clock type beeping.    Synth and static waves carry us through the second side as we eventually get into some loud, sharp noises as well. 

            Why I really like this “Violator EP” is because it begins sounding like one thing, then by the end it changes into a new beast.   The four songs are somewhat different, yet they are connected in their order and how they evolve through each beat.   They are also held together by the same overall quality so that this can be heard as a collected work by Dry Socket rather than the possibility of it being four separate songs by four different artists.  

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