Monday, July 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Static/Voice/Static “Misty, Eye’s of Lies” (Captain Crook Records)

            I am not entirely over the fact that there are two Static/Voice/Static cassettes out there that sold out before I had the chance to get them, however I will be listening to them and reviewing them digitally, so at least I still have that.

            It seems like every time I listen to Static/Voice/Static, I make a note that one of the main sounds coming through is static, and every time with it I put “obviously” because of their name.   On this particular release, yes, Side A is full of static and it comes off in a drone sense with some synth.   It begins sort of harmonious and sad at the same time, before the ascension kicks in and it becomes very powerful.   It is in this way that the first side reminds me of something going on at church, but I do note the irony in the comparison.

            Side B starts with harsh noise, of course there is static in it as well, and it begins to cut in and out, leaving dead air in its wake.  I wondered at first whether or not it was my tape recorder having issues or the intent of the music, but then I realized that was probably just what they want you to think.   There are hisses, which just help to amplify the already hissing tendencies of the cassette. 

            Overall this is another solid release from Static/Voice/Static and I really just did not expect anything less.  If you’ve been missing out on these cassettes, I highly suggest you at least go check out the music digitally before Static/Voice/Static has more releases than you can keep up with.

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