Monday, July 21, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Roomdance “Glassworks” (Space Idea Tapes)

                Before we go any further, let’s take a minute and admit that if you reversed these names- the title and artist name- it’d still be pretty cool.   How often do you see that?   In any case, this cassette begins with some electro new wave sorts of sounds which remind me of that song from my youth about how she’s got the look. 

                There are bits of Tears for Fears in here, yet it is also sad.   There are drum machine beats and they carry it into territory somewhere between Illegal Wiretaps and Xiu Xiu.   With a home recording quality on some level, this also brings up pieces of Blue October and just overall reminds me of Twin Shadow.

                Side B takes us on a little bit more a straight up nostalgic flashback.  Everything from Peter Gabriel to Phil Collins and New Order to The Cure comes out this side.   For some reason, the vocals (and only the vocals) remind me of Deftones because I can hear Chino singing, “I look to the sun” at certain points.    There are steady drum machine beats and this just makes me think of something from the soundtrack to either “Pretty in Pink” or “Say Anything”.

                Regardless of the era- whether it be the retro feel of Side B or the more modern take on Side A- this is just some great music that is best experienced on cassette because it is truly as if compact discs were not invented yet. 

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