Monday, July 21, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: cloudsound “soapy mystics” (Illuminated Paths)

                When you see the name “cloudsound”, the first thing you might think of is “Soundcloud”, which of course makes me wonder if there is an artist out there called Camp the Band.   If not, someone should totally snag that name up quick.

                The music of cloudsound begins in a dreamy ambient state.   There are waves and frequent frequencies, but also some static whirrs before becoming a quieter ambient.   By the end of the cassette I’m feeling something a little more like a FNL vibe as well.

                This cassette takes you on a journey in the ocean.   I feel as if it begins in the sunshine, sitting on the beach with the only sound around the ocean waves crashing in the background.   Eventually, you get into the water and become lost at sea.    

                With the name cloudsound, I do expect this to sound somewhat like it was done up in the heavens or maybe even just how clouds would sound if they made music.   It might even be a storm because of the rain clouds, but alas, this is much more set at sea than in the sky and I am fine with that. 

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