Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Q///Q “Jardim” (Self Help Tapes)

            Based on what I can find on Bandcamp, there is little to be known about Q///Q aside from a handful of releases, and of course by handful I mean this one and three others.   One of them is actually on Skrot Up, a label that has had involvement here before, and they also have Q///Q tagged as German Army, so that is kind of interesting, is it not?

            In any event, this is an artist I want to know as much about as possible simply because I wish to obtain all the music released by Q///Q as well.   Side A begins with spoken words and then goes into beats.   It sounds like something along the lines of PM Dawn or Miami Vice, but there are also synth bridges and the overall feel of a carousel.    This continues throughout the entire cassette, but is still most prominent on this side.

            Taking what we learned from Side A, when Side B of “Jardim” comes on it also brings in other influences.  I can hear a song that I believe sounds like an instrumental version of “Parents Just Don’t Understand” and that makes me happy.   There is also this dawning synth quality to one of the songs, which then brings out some high hat vocals.    All of these elements combined result in something that also borders on the video game side of things as well.

            While there is no clear genre to put Q///Q into, I still very much enjoy this music and perhaps also a little bit too much enjoy the mystery that comes with this artist.   Is it a side project?  Is it supposed to be a secret?  Is it supposed to be only word of mouth and underground, hence no official Bandcamp or Facebook page?   These questions remain unanswered- at least for now- but what I can tell you is that this is some simply awesome music.  

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