Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: CR Hougaard “Music To Take Naps To – Reclaimed Tapes #1”

                The idea behind this reclaimed cassette is that there are pieces of various cassettes being spliced together with some original sounds (mostly ambient drone) to create a unique hodge podge of noise.   It’s kind of like what Only Child did, except that was just one cassette and this is various cassettes being chopped up and put back together.

                Of course this cassette just further leads to images in my head of someone opening up a cassette shell, taking the tape out from within it and literally cutting it up with scissors and putting it back together with Scotch tape.    I’m not really certain whether or not there are artists who get Dr. Frankenstein like that with cassettes- and it might be better if I don’t know, to sort of suspend disbelief- but it is still an image in my mind that I love to paint. 

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