Monday, July 21, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Problems That Fix Themselves “Seconds” (Already Dead Tapes)

                This is the third official release by Already Dead Tapes and I’m still not certain which goes on which side- between the artist and title- because the linear notes makes me think that this is called Seconds in terms of the artist name.  

                We begin with something that is either an accordion or harmonica and some vocals, which sounds a bit like a sea shanty to me.   Then an audio clip leads us into a flurry of synth, combined with some beats which remind me of M.A.S.K. for some reason.

                It’s not quite seapunk or vaporwave, but there are some qualities in here which make me think it could belong in the movie “Hackers”.   That is, until I then begin to hear the slower synth and something like “Jaws” comes out.

                Side B takes us onto a journey of a grinding crank with a tropical audio clip.  I’ve also been looking for you all night.   There is banging, a radio sample about tears and then some really loud blasts which definitely woke me up. 

                The linear notes do say that “seconds” is reference to eating, but hey, just think… with a buffet you can have thirds, fourths and even sixths.

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