Monday, July 21, 2014


                This is the first of the two cassettes by Mot I decided to listen to and there really is no reason for it, as they both share the same title, this is just the one I happened to pick up and put on first.   It might not be that well established, but I do not like to listen to more than one piece of music by the same artist at a time, as I feel it can affect the two different reviews, and thus I had to wait until I finished with this before starting the other cassette of the same name.

                We begin with a rhythmic loop that has some crumbling or perhaps scratching in it and just the overall vibe right off is that of an old western, perhaps even in a saloon.    It comes through in waves, though it might also be more of a revolving type of synth.   I hear Jedi noises and wonder what would happen if a Star Wars movie was to take place in the old west.  (It wouldn’t have to be the actual old west, just perhaps a planet in the Star Wars universe that resembles our old west)

                A fax-line spot interrupts my train of thought and suddenly distorted shots are fired.  There is a harsh, modem-like feedback that gives way to a trash compactor sound which closes out Side A.   Side B would begin a bit darker, so I like to call it the Dark Synth of Doom, or maybe throw some Star Wars reference in there with “sith” being replaced by synth.   Bass beat synth comes on next and I’m feeling a certain Stabbing Westward vibe, which I always enjoy.

                Dinging carries on back and forth, over my continual thought of withering, blistering, burning and peeling, and this just becomes hypnotic on some level.    Along with these new cosmic experiments it also has some space robot vocals for sure.   We end with only the pulsating of a synth bass beat loop, which leaves us in a galaxy far, far away. 

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