Monday, July 7, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Pride and Ego Down “Our Great Desire” (Driftwood Records)

            This has the emo/screamo sound of something between a Tooth & Nail band and someone closer to the verge of maybe older Drive Thru or that sort of idea.   I can’t place it to the sound of an existing indie band from one of those labels though, but it could have fit in well with the Beautiful Mistake / Noise Ratchet era of Militia Group.

            Really though, this just sounds mostly to me like Chevelle, which is going to either be a take it or leave it depending upon your stance on that band.   I do enjoy the passion and screaming of Chevelle, and as such I do enjoy this, but I realize a lot of people will merely say “Ew, they’re on the radio”, and then write this off just as quickly for sounding similar to it.  

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