Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Lanuk “vV” (Baba Vanga)

            Lanuk brings forth a sound on “vV” that can be best described as electro-beats, but as much as that label might get handed out lately it is still rarely as good as this one right here.   The songs move in a way like scrambled seapunk with lasers and it can almost be on the verge of noise.   On the flip side of the cassette, I hear something like R2D2 or the soundtrack to either a sci-fi or horror B movie.

            Side A threw me off a little bit, but after listening to Side B and getting that notion of a B sci-fi movie in my head, I couldn’t help but run with it when listening through to Side A again.   I don’t have an exact plot because that might force me to write it up and I already have enough to write, but it has something to do with space pirates, only not so much in the “Serenity”/”Firefly” way. 

            No, I see this as being a sort of extension of that show- sort of the same idea, but not exactly- and it also blends in elements of Cowboy Bebop, if this was an anime and not a live action B sci-fi movie.    There aren’t really a lot of good B sci-fi movies set in space (They’re usually on planets), so perhaps this could serve as the soundtrack and inspiration for someone to create one.  

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