Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Distant Trains/I Like You Go Home (Centipede Farm)

            While this is my first time hearing Distant Trains, I do really enjoy I Like You Go Home.   Because of the two different names though, I have blurred the lines in my mind more than once and called this I Like Trains, which is an existing artist, but yet I rarely think of it as Distant Go Home, which is still in itself a kind of neat name.

            Distant Trains begins with a piano recital and applause before going into the wavy sounds I expected from this more than the piano bit.   There is a chopped up Knight Rider feel to this, as it is sort of beeping and then begins looping.   Psychedelic guitar riffs ala Hendrix or Clapton make their way onto the scene next, before we bring out that lone sad horn.

            There is an audio clip that interrupts the movement, though in some ways I feel more like I was listening to the radio and a commercial came on, which it very well could have been.   This only makes me wonder why artists who place audio clips in their music don’t do so on a commercial level.   Let’s say some corporation sends you some money and all of a sudden that audio clip suddenly becomes their jingle.   (I can’t think of any jingles off hand to make my point, so use your imagination)

            I Like You Go Home is on the other side of this and I’ve come to terms with the fact that ILYGH is just never going to make any piece of music that I don’t like.    This particular one begins with some singing noise before turning into that demon we know and love.    There is that static and distorted screaming otherwise as well, and just overall this part reminds me of a drive-thru speaker because of the crackling static.

            Realistically, I shouldn’t have to be telling you to go buy this cassette because you should already have it based on the I Like You Go Home factor, but if you end up buying this for that reason then know that you won’t be disappointed with the Distorted Trains side and will quite possibly end up going back for more.  

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