Wednesday, July 16, 2014


            This cassette loves black duct tape.  The case is covered in it, sure, but the cassette itself is also covered in it entirely.  I wasn’t sure if this was either going to be too heavy or too covered to play or if it might get stuck in my tape player once I put it in there because of all this duct tape, but everything was fine in that regard.

            The music of HURE begins with stomps.   This kicks into psychedelic rock loops, which for whatever reason remind me of Jane’s Addiction.   There are also some instrumental industrial pieces in here ala Nine Inch Nails, specifically their earlier stuff. 

            It seems like every track ends on this sharp feedback, though I’m not entirely convinced that this isn’t just the same track being played over in different ways somehow.   Dark loops give way to an industrial techno type of feel, and though it is not the same the only name that pops into my head is KMFDM.

            Pieces of this remind me of Ghost in the Machine, while other bits simply come out as notes in progressions of four.    It’s haunting and at times there is a messy classic metal rock vibe to it as well, which somehow brings out Dillinger Escape Plan in my mind.   I’d also be upset with myself if I didn’t mention War Pigs, but overall this cassette can just be hypnotizing and I definitely enjoy that about it.  

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