Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Audubon Park “Crazy Crazy For Feeling” (Potluck Foundation)

                While Audubon Park does manage to cross several genres, most of them are within the field of rock n roll so it makes this cassette have that much greater of an overall sound.   What begins with hints of pop punk math rock ala Piebald or I Kill Giants (without their heaviness) can also bring out synth pieces and then go acoustic like Lou Reed.

                These songs are also not afraid to be instrumental, as that does happen more than once on this cassette, and they also don’t mind bringing out the piano ala Ben Folds.   Certain hints of Dynamite Hack and They Might Be Giants can be found on Side A, though the last song specifically manages to bring out something a little bit lighter than Metallica or Helmet.

                Side B does well with the experimental/instrumental tag, as the scope of sounds ranges from Beck to distorted rage that isn’t too far from Local H.   In the reality of it though, I suppose it just best to say that Audubon Park is a complicated rock band, as the bands that I seem to draw comparisons from seem to be as well.

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