Wednesday, July 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: The Agromaniac “Tape One / Two”

            What is an Agromaniac?  Should I google it?   I know what The Agrocrag is, and I know a Hulkamaniac is, so I’m just going to live in a world of wonder where I believe it’s some sort of combination of the two since both are linked back to Nickelodeon somehow.  

            It’s also worth noting that despite the title, this is only one cassette.   Granted, there are two sides, but to have it called “Tape One / Two” would lead you to believe it’d be a double tape set, which is in fact a real thing but just not this time.

            The music on here is an electro loop.   It has a slight sense of drone and can be quiet.   There is also a decent amount of dead air.   Needless to say, this feels minimal, and you are going to want to listen to it with headphones, still in a quiet place and just relax and be taken away to another place.  

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