Monday, June 2, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: The Feel Bad Hit of the Winter EP

            Sometimes I feel as if the best music cannot be described with words.   Unfortunately for The Feel Bad Hit of the Winter, I can describe their music with many words, and more so to the point not only can I break them down into a trio of bands that they sound like throughout this EP but also specific songs by those bands.

            The thing is, these songs on this EP don’t remind me of bad songs, but rather songs I’ve just heard too many times before.   Weezer’s “Undone” is one of their most cliché songs because it was their first radio single.   Blink 182’s “Stay Together for the Kids” is not one of their better hits.    And lastly, I hear Foo Fighters “Big Me” coming out during this EP and that’s a song I do believe they no longer even play live because they’re sick of it.  (Or sick of getting hit with Mentos, but I think concert goers should do that anyway)

            I guess my real problem with this EP is that I see so much of myself in it—underachieving, squandered talent, etc.   The songs just lack a certain something that other bands along the same lines do have that makes them so special.  With a just a little hint of fire or passion, The Feel Bad Hit of the Winter could venture over into territory the likes of which only Samiam, Cadillac Blindside, Liars Academy and precious other few have seen.

            The last song really sums this up best:  “Sleepwalking”.   I feel like this band is sleepwalking through its songs, as it seems more like a cover band of some sort than a band actually serious about music.    This EP serves as a constant reminder that mediocre is never good enough, though we often have to accept that at various times in our lives we will just never be good enough.

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