Friday, May 30, 2014


            For a moment (Okay, maybe a bit longer than that) I must bask in the fact that this cassette was made just for me.  There were only a few others made and you had to buy them before now because they’re since gone, but yeah, a few other lucky souls got this cassette because they put down their money fast enough.   I got this because somebody up there likes me.

            This is Ill Clinton’s third cassette release by my count, and though I reviewed “Ragnarok” first, there exists a cassette in between that one and this one called “Mediums”.   I had been listening to “Mediums” on download for a while, but ended up just getting it as a cassette so albeit out of order by my moving the third release to the second position (132), just know that I have been listening to them in sort of the right order.  (I did hear “Mediums” as a download before the first cassette, so I may have just made this entire paragraph null)

            “G R U B” begins with an audio clip from Frank Costanza in regards to Festivus, the airing of grievances and how tonight you people are going to hear a lot of what he has to say.  I do enjoy this as opening to just about anything and it has only been within the past month or so that I’ve fallen back in love with Seinfeld so this is an odd coincidence, don’t you think?

            I mean, I watched Seinfeld in its original run, then for some time afterwards in syndication, but I felt like I had seen the episodes so many times I needed a break from them.  (I also recently determined I needed to take a break from The Big Bang Theory for similar reasons)   But now, it’s been so long since I’ve seen some of the episodes, I don’t mind watching all the Seinfeld episodes again.  (Plus, my two year old digs the music and Kramer)

            There is very much a soap opera vibe going on with all these big beats.   I especially enjoy the line “I’ve got my own fucking problems”, which makes me appreciate vulgarity because when else in your notes can you abbreviate something as “f’ng” or “f----g”?   There are Us3 type horns, pianos, sampling and just a whole lot of beats.   I think I am finally beginning to understand what they mean when they say “beats for days”.

            One last note on this cassette, which I found interesting, was that at the beginnings and ends of the sides there was this static that I couldn’t tell if it was intentional or just something with the cassette itself.  I know with VHS tapes, it sometimes can take a little bit into the tape before the volume properly comes in and I didn’t know if that was happening here or if we were just supposed to be under that impression, but either way, kudos on a most awesome cassette.  

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