Friday, May 23, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Stupid Bummed “Get Used To It” (Juniper Tree Songs)

            A little bit of research (or a simple Bandcamp search) shows that “Get Used To It” is the second release from Stupid Bummed.   The first release is available on cassette as well, and though the third doesn’t seem to be that doesn’t mean it won’t be eventually.   Who likes artists that release all their music on cassette?   Yeah, it’s me.

            Stupid Bummed has the sound of lo-fi pop rock, to put it bluntly, but what seems like it should be more upbeat or just happier sort of lyrics, actually seems to be more mundane.  I do enjoy the fact immensely that this could be something that I won’t name to a particular band but have a different feeling entirely if the lyrics just weren’t so depressing.

            Even though I’ve downloaded the other two Stupid Bummed releases, I do intend to get the cassette for the first one and should the third ever come out on cassette, well, you know.   There are also some instrumental mood portions on this tape, so it isn’t straight up The Smiths meets Stereo, but yeah, if you’re looking for something that sounds happy on the surface but really is much more complex underneath it all—musically, lyrically, emotionally, thought provokingly, etc.—then this is perfect for you.  

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