Friday, May 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Slow Pulse “Slow Pulse” (Mirror Universe Tapes)

            The first thing that I hear on this Slow Pulse cassette is the sounds of the band Orgy.  Now, Orgy is perhaps best known for covering a song by New Order, so in a lot of ways those two bands go hand in hand for me when I’m listening to music that might sound like them, but make no mistake about it- this starts off sounding more like Orgy than it does New Order.

            As the cassette goes on though, beats and all, this instrumental music shifts over from that of the more recent past (When was that New Order cover on the radio?  Late ‘90’s?) to an even more distant past, back to when, well, New Order was originally releasing “Blue Monday”.

            Yes, from somewhat less recent straight to “Breakfast Club” sounds, Slow Pulse has an impressive sound that distinguishes themselves from others by crossing time barriers in a genre that has had slight alterations and variations of it throughout the last several decades.  

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