Friday, May 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Dan Svizeny “Daniel Anton Svizeny” (Mirror Universe Tapes)

            When the distorted guitars first kick in on this sort of self-titled cassette by Dan Svizeny, I begin to hear the makings of what I think is going to turn out to be something in the genre of shoegaze.  This sets my mind wandering- and it even does now still- as the term “shoegaze” has been seemingly so bastardized I’m not really sure I even know what it means anymore.
            That initial sound draws in some drum machine beats and all I can think of for a comparison in a vast sea of bands I might be able to draw from is Present for Sally.   Don’t ask me why I can’t pull any other names out of my proverbial hat, but that was just the only one that stuck. 

            By the second side, this begins to sound like Iggy Pop to me for some reason, and that definitely moves away from that other sound.  I might very well end up being the only one to hear Mr.  Pop in this music though, so take that for what it’s worth. 

            In the end, I hear hints of new wave and come to think that perhaps this was, on some level, new wave all along and I’m only coming to fully realize it now.  The thing about this cassette though is that rather than stick to one genre, it progresses from start to finish.

            With this, I feel like we are being taken on a journey through time and space.  This is in some ways a brief history of all things that I like about music, and for that this is not only something that is just so essential that it should be taught to children in school (In my school of music anyway), but it just makes me feel like learning is fun.  

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