Tuesday, May 20, 2014


            It shouldn't have taken me as long as it did to realize that Raven was making noise, but alas, here I stand with a sheepish look on my face at my late revelation.   The loud screeching noises over distorted static make for quite the visual, as they then proceed to wave back and forth in a waxing and waning sort of manner.

            Admittedly, I knew based upon the title of this cassette that it had something to do with politics because of the ending of the word, but I didn't know what type of government ruling it referred to exactly.   According to the linear notes, a Kakistocracy is when the most unqualified are chosen to represent.  

            Does this exist anywhere in society?  I mean on purpose, of course, as it seems to be an unwilling staple in the United States government.   Do any countries actually practice this, and if so, I'm curious as to how it works out for them.   Though I guess that this is probably something that was once tried, failed and is only since known in a past tense.

            Whatever the case might be, this is an interesting bit of music that taught me about something I should have learned in high school history class, but once again score one for music over public schools.    Get on this, if only to paint your own pictures in your head of disarray and utopia. 

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