Friday, May 9, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Little Blue “Songep” (Adhesive Sounds)

            When listening to the four songs on this cassette from Little Blue, it is hard to place exactly where the music falls on the rock spectrum, but it is somewhere between “I’m not sure” and “Ask your mother”.   Really, Little Blue has this lighter rock sound in ways that reminds me of Copeland, and while I did enjoy Copeland as a band once upon a time they aren’t the first band I want to reference currently.

            So for me to think of Copeland makes me think- when writing it out- that it is something I don’t like, but I do like this and it’s probably because the elements of this that bring out Copeland are less sappy.  But don’t get me wrong, a lot of this cassette doesn’t even sound like that, as that is just sort of the first song.

            The second song brings out some whirring noises and it sounds like the frequency is changing on the radio station, all amidst what was going on in the first song.   Side B is pretty much an instrumental version of all that, and so to see this cassette evolve from vocals to none is quite amazing.

            In some ways, this is a demonstration as to why bands can be instrumental and not need vocals because in many ways the songs without them are superior.   Vocals or not, comparisons to whoever, this is just an all around solid piece of music that needs to be heard by people who like music.  

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