Saturday, April 12, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Acid Druid “Blind Eyes Forever Shall Be Mine” (Virtual Urban Records)

            The first thing I did upon listening to this album was go to Band Camp, put “Acid Druid” into the search bar and download another album up on the official page for a Name Your Price Download.   I am usually not so quick to download music in the multiples such as this, but I found this album whilst searching for Mopfunk on Band Camp, and since this is a record label they share I took a chance and it paid off.

            You could chalk this one up to being a matter of one thing leads to another, but that just means that what I do is somewhat pointless and if you want to listen to good music you should just start with someone and follow them.  (Perhaps musicians are the best leaders in this aspect of the game, but don’t put me out of a job please)

            Between the electronic beats of whatever and some definite video game sounds that I enjoy (Though I am not entirely convinced this was made with a Gameboy, so I won’t call it 8bit), this is a fine piece of music and as a label I really hope that Virtual Urban Records would release this on a cassette.  

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