Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Null “Fringe Existence” (Step Pepper Records)

            When I first press play on “Fringe Existence”, my mind does a double take.  I somehow hear both acoustic and electric sounds coming through.  I suppose it could be an acoustic guitar and electric guitar being played together, or they do make a sort of acoustic-electric guitar, but it just feels like an electric guitar somehow gone acoustic.  Perhaps it is the vibe of the strumming of an electric guitar without plugging into an amp?  I’m not certain.

            Throughout this cassette, Null channels mostly punk rock but manages to do so along with some just killer guitar riffs and an almost bluesy sound.  At times, this can recall Jack White, but for more of his recent solo album than any work he’s done as part of a band.   I also like to think of these heavy bass lines and distorted vocals as being something akin to a dark version of the B-52’s.   The same sort of song structure seems to be there, just without the playfulness.

            Amidst everything else that is happening, there is just this great underlying theme of The Clash in these songs.  It’s hard to explain because it’s not so much that Null sounds like The Clash as I’d say that directly, but it just makes me think of The Clash quite often while listening to this tape.   Mixing that with all of the other punk factors does this make this quite enjoyable for just about any listener, but especially for me because I like it  best on cassette.  

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