Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Loveislight “Gim” (Step Pepper Records)

            This particular cassette begins with some beats and audio clips, and then it continues in an electronic way that I have described before and feel has a term designated specifically for it, but when I wondered whether or not I should look it up I decided that I wouldn’t because I don’t care.  Part of that is because of my general dislike for genre labels and all (Using one word to describe a type of music can make you lazy, as even two of the best in the seapunk genre- Astronautica and Ultrademon- sound different in ways), but another big part of it is because it feels a little bit dirty.  You wouldn’t ask someone what their nationality was, would you?  I don’t know, maybe you would, but I wouldn’t.  I’d use words to describe someone and those adjectives would not include country of origin.

            At times, the music here within feels like the hip hop style of 2Pac on a song like “Changes”.  It also can cross over into that jazz funk sound ala Us3 or A Tribe Called Quest.   There are also these slower bits of acoustic guitar that I want to call electro-sludge but sounds not as cool once I type it.   Through bits and pieces of piano, something like an instrumental Everlast also can come out.

            The fact is, whether there are sound bites or simply another instrument or two accompanying the beats, this has an overall feel of the type of beats that you’d want to find on a cassette and that you definitely would have back before the invention of the compact disc.   So this just becomes another classic example of great music made better by being listened on cassette.  

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