Wednesday, April 23, 2014


            It is no secret that in my youth, I listened to music on cassettes and the majority of that music was part of the rap game.   L O K A offers up similar rap songs on this cassette, which only seems fitting as it comes out to me somewhere between the past (such as Tribe) and the less past, meaning the CD and not cassette rappers I’ve listened to (such as Nas)

            This isn’t straight up hip hop either though in the sense that it is verses spit over beats and all that.  There are more than a few instrumental moments, which I definitely enjoy and demonstrate how diverse the styles can be in the sense that L O K A is not out to merely make rhymes but to be seen as an artist.

            Contemporaries for L O K A could be anywhere from iLL LiaD to an artist on MishkaNYC, but the one thing that definitely does separate them from him is that they aren’t on cassettes (as far as I know) and every time I listen to a great rap cassette such as this, it takes me back to my youth and somehow, something good in the world happens because of it.  

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