Tuesday, April 8, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: In Snow “ef*fort” (Step Pepper Records)

            While In Snow might have hints of math rock or other various forms of straight up indie rock within their sound, this cassette on the whole sounds like an instrumental version of mewithoutYou.   There exists an album by mewithoutYou called “A to B Life” and the last song on it (before the hidden track) is called “Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts” and it’s got a lot more music than words to it.  On some level, I feel like In Snow took that concept and expanded upon it for “ef*fort”.

            Granted, there are bands out there that sound like mewithoutYou but are not the same bands.   Quite a few of them are rather good, but most are not so good.  I even feel like some bands that tend to lean towards the heavier side of post rock might be compared with In Snow, but I don’t really have any to name off the top of my head right now.

            This cassette can get quite pretty, with delicate notes formed around melodies, and I begin to think there might be something else within the instrumental indie hardcore, but then it does eventually kick back in with just loud and distorted chords.    On some levels this breeds psychedelic qualities, but then again it’d be naïve to think that it wouldn’t.

            Look, I don’t see this as being just an instrumental version of any singular song by any specific band.   It just flat out rocks and does not need to be compared with, well, anyone.   Put this tape on, turn it up and let it take you to somewhere beautiful.  

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