Friday, April 11, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Forklong Daruplat “Forklong Daruplat” (Hare Akedod)

            When you listen to as much music as I do, it’s hard to say that you’ve heard something new, and on some levels this might not be new, per se, but it is something that I haven’t heard done before, or at least not this well.   The music of Forklong  Daruplat consists of an acoustic guitar.    That’s it.  There are notes, maybe chords, but overall this just has a strong acoustic guitar sound to it and little else.

            I can hear some sort of rock n roll parts to this, where the guitar begins to sound like a band such as Finger Eleven, though then it can also bring out the folk.  It could be described as an instrumental John Denver, but that still doesn’t really do it full justice.  

            It gets a little bit heavy at times, almost frantic, and then at other times there is a definite refined sound that reassures you this musician has been classically trained.   If nothing else though, this tape definitely scores big with me because it just seems unfathomable that someone would be able to create this entire cassette with an acoustic guitar and hold my interest throughout.  Yet, here we are.  

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