Friday, April 11, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Feend / Manofue Wurdz “Novaturient” (I Had An Accident)

            Before I write a single word about this split tape, I need to note that it was available through both of the artist Band Camp pages as well as the label itself Band Camp page, all linked above, and of the three only the Manofue Wurdz Band Camp page had any copies left.  However, at the time of my typing this that number is in single digits and, well, by the time I post this and you are reading it there might be zero copies available.

            Right away, I was drawn to this cassette because of the look of it.  While there are certain bands and labels that pride themselves on making cassettes that have art work straight out of the 1980’s and 1990’s (which, don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy), this has a sort of throwback look to it mixed with something modern.   It makes you think that it could be something leftover from that era, but at the same time it is not exactly copying them in a template way, so it still reflects a modern vibe.

            The work of Feend is a mixture of audio clips and beats.  It gets funky at times and somewhere between the likes of PM Dawn and A Tribe Called Quest.   If there is some sort of name for this mix of hip hop and R&B (Rap and Blues?), then I’m not sure what it is but Feend has it down tight.

            On the flip side, Manofue Wurdz, which is a gross misspelling of Man Of Few Words, has beats and makes me want to call it trip hop even though I’m not entirely sure what the genre means.  By the end of this cassette, I’m hearing something borderline seapunk come out here and that’s fine by me.

            While there probably exists some genre tag for this type of music, this level of hip hop, I don’t really care what it is and don’t want to sum it up so simply.  I know that I Had An Accident, amongst others, are releasing the best of the best when it comes to these beats and audio clips, so I’m not going to actively search for it on Band Camp anyway.  Though, why should I, when it’s seemingly coming to me—at least the cream of the crop anyway.

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