Tuesday, April 1, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Andrew Anderson “The Red Dream”

            Is it possible to dream in a specific color?  I have a lot of weird dreams, some of them are even filled with great ideas, but I’ve never had a dream in red before.   I imagine it being like a red filter placed over the lens, where everything comes out as red and black instead of black and white, if you will.   But do people dream this way?  Do they dream of colors or in only one color?   I’m fairly certain all of my dreams have been multicolored as I can’t recall dreaming in black and white.

            Then I begin to wonder: what is red?  As far as colors go, red is the color of blood.  I only feel the need to point that out because on several levels this quiet, ambient music reminds me of the primary setting from the movie “Saw”.  (You know the room)   In some ways, at times, it does feel like you’re stuck on the title menu of the DVD and that particular room is being shown with this tape playing.

            On the other hand, red is often thought to be the color of anger in terms of emotions.  Is it odd to think that something such as this could be filled with anger?  There are no heavy guitar riffs, crunching power chords, screams, double bass drums or otherwise breakdowns you’d tend to find in the music that wears anger on their sleeve.   But as I think about that, as I consider it, while listening to this cassette, I can hear some sort of brooding anger in here, if you can sort of read between the lines, only in a listening sense.

            Does this cassette really have anything to do with dreams, colors or both?  Regardless of whether it was intended to or not, this does create the vision of a nightmare on some level, and what is a nightmare but an angry dream?  

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