Friday, March 28, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: The Lord “Getting’ Off the Meths” (Exotik Pylon)

                It must be hard for some people to write a review of this album and say something bad about it considering that it was recorded under the guise of “The Lord”.   Think about it and get back to me if you’re not sure why that might be sketchy.

                These songs are loops and beats, chopped up and screwed.   How fucked up is it that I can hear Bobby McFerrin coming out in these songs at times??

                This can be defined as weird, but only in the best possible genius way.   The audio clip that opens it suggests you pay a monthly fee of 223642813 and the preferred method of payment accepted is time travel.  If I was into “Doctor Who” I’d be a lot more psyched right now, but yes, still a charming little oddity I enjoy perhaps more than I should.  

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