Friday, March 28, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Biographs “must dissolve” (Reckno)

            Biographs kicks this cassette off right away with some static synth that gets me hooked, but what comes to follow is a variation on it and somehow also a variation on what I’ve come to know from this electronic experimental and often times instrumental genre.

            What is commonly thought of in terms of ambient synth music, played at a relatively slow and mellow pace, has been taken by Biographs and turned into a bit faster paced piece of music throughout these nine tracks.

            Not only did Biographs speed the tempo up on these songs that would otherwise be like a number of other artists, but they also found a way to twist and turn them, tweak them and manipulate them to their own liking.   The very notion of it is just fascinating.  

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