Saturday, March 1, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: sink/sink “A Lone Cloudburst” (Already Dead)

                One of the first lines I hear on this dream pop gem is about a “shadow of my shadow” and it makes me contemplate whether or not a shadow can have a shadow of its own.   It seems like a shadow shouldn’t be able to have its own shadow because it is a shadow, but then I think about reflections and how you can stare into two different mirrors for what feels like eternity.

                For some reason, this cassette also then brings out some memories of an old cartoon show where the character and his shadow separate and they have to reunite by the end.  If I was in the business of making music videos, I’d do something like that for this particular song.  #shelbyhohl

                The cello on these songs give them a sort of drone background, but also manages to give them that slow, deep and brooding sort of sound that I can only really relate to a band like Murder by Death.  Though in all fairness to both bands, sink/sink does not have the gloom factor that Murder by Death does, which I am okay with on both sides.

                There are ambient qualities to this cassette and it can feel like Portishead at times as well, sure, but this is really just this great sound that comes along the likes of other dream pop bands.   It’s not the same as them, but is it immensely enjoyable. 

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