Wednesday, March 5, 2014


                When I listen to “OF TODAY”, I hear two somewhat different pieces of music per side of the tape.  This is what I love about cassettes and which cannot be duplicated on compact discs or digital files: the separation.    Though one piece of music, the split sides manages to turn this into two-- would the feeling still be there if this was listened to as a constant flow, such as an MP3?

                Side A has a lot of 8bit parts to it.   There is also this interesting mix of an ambient choir coming out in the background and it can be rather angelic.   When I hear these two sounds fuse, all I can think of is someone playing video games in church.   I know you’re not typically supposed to play video games in church and most kids do it to keep from getting bored, but imagine a choir singing on the church stage whilst someone nearby is playing Mega Man.

                On the flip side, we turn into a slightly different tune but still maintain the dark and ambient composure.   It immediately reminds me of what it would sound like if Trent Reznor was to provide the soundtrack for a movie, but then I remembered he did just that for “The Social Network” and this would be closer to something like “The Crow” than that though.

                So even though these two sides can be seemingly divided, they are still engaged and I enjoy the fact that they are doing what only cassettes can.   Well, okay, records have sides too, but still, this tape has CDs and MP3s beat so you should been listening to it over the other mediums for that very reason if not the sheer brilliance of it.

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