Thursday, March 20, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Outer Gods / Unit Charge split

                Outer Gods gets two tracks on this split, though Unit Charge only gets one so to start off right away, Outer Gods is already ahead on points.   Which would be a bad thing if this was a soccer match, but I always do find it kind of funny for some reason when bands do split and one gets more songs than the other, like what did Outer Gods do to get twice as many songs?   I bet it’s a time thing, in terms of the length of the songs, but what can I say?  I just typed this whole paragraph and you still know nothing about either of these bands or their music, well, other than Outer Gods being up 2-1.

                The heavily distorted guitar drone demonstrated by Outer Gods is what I have dubbed the dark drone of doom.   It’s got that static sound to it and overall just feels like an excerpt from NIN’s “The Fragile” or maybe even an instrumental bit from Backstabbers, Inc.   There is an audio clip spliced in to break things up, but this is basically the Uncle Meat type of dark ambience that will either keep you awake or give you nightmares.    There is also this sort of haunting talk as we near the end and it just seems even more like a horror movie, which makes me even more cautious because I should’ve noticed it from the start and now I’m pretty certain the rest of my college buddies are dead and I’m next.

                On the flip side, Unit Charge doesn’t have quite as much darkness to their sound.  They come off more like a field recording, even if that field recording could be from space.    It is drone and there is a certain synth sense to the ambience of it all, but yeah, it’s just not as dark as the first side even though it is very nice.   There are some noises of birds too, so it definitely has that nature vibe and seems calm and soothing enough to relax to or meditate upon.

                What I like about this tape as a split is that both sides are doing the instrumental ambient thing, so on the surface and in terms of Band Camp tags, Outer Gods and Unit Charge have a lot in common and could almost appear to be the same band.    Yet, the emotions they convey, the images which they project in my mind are completely opposite in something straight out of Jekyll and Hyde and for that their pairing is rather brilliant. 

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