Saturday, March 15, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Mariposa “Holy Ghost” (Bridgetown Records)

                The first little while on this cassette is instrumental, so it makes me think we won’t be getting vocals and based upon what I’m hearing I’m fine with that.    But through the ambient guitar notes we begin to get some whispering of vocals out and it is quite soothing.

                These soft and sweet songs are a nice mix of instrumental and vocals with probably something like a 65/35 split.  When there aren’t vocals there don’t need to be (nothing feels missing) and when there are vocals it doesn’t feel like they’re overcomplicating things either, so it truly is the perfect formula.

                Some of the parts repeat musically and that makes me think of loops, but some of the lyrics repeat themselves in less of a loop way and more of a being sung repeatedly manner.   I like this, as sometimes it feels like a single song has a thousand words in it but they’re one sentence of ten different words uttered a hundred times over.  (That’s an exaggeration on the part of the numbers game there, folks)

                One of my favorite lines throughout this tape becomes the chorus to one of the better songs and it says, “I’d run for my life but I don’t think I’d catch it”.   Much like that line itself, this is just isn’t really on the same playing field as much else musically, vocally or lyrically.   Mariposa has created a class all of her own and in a lot of ways I feel like each and every musician should do exactly that. 

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