Wednesday, March 5, 2014


                Upon first listening to this Ladyfriend EP on cassette, I was reminded of something soulful along the lines of early New Kids on the Block.   Don’t ask me why, it’s just what I heard coming out at the start.

                As we progress through the songs, it comes out somewhere between The Killers and Elton John, yet also has overall tones of something like Modest Mouse.  It’s not the radio version of Modest Mouse though, but rather more like the albums that came before that.

                I haven’t heard a lot of bands that sound like Modest Mouse lately, in that sort of offbeat indie rock with a hint of pop, so this is somewhat refreshing.   The parts that do sound like The Killers also don’t sound like them in a bad way, so their comparisons really just couldn’t be better on the whole.

                This is really just kind of upbeat and makes me think of either being at the beach or sitting poolside, both of which should trigger happy thoughts.  Perhaps they both come up as well because those are also both very appropriate times for boom-boxes, which is your best way to appreciate Ladyfriend. 

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