Thursday, February 6, 2014

MP3 REVIEW: Charlie Oxford “Charlie Oxford”

                Some people grow up and want to be musicians.  They take a blend of different influences, mix them all together and craft their own sound.  This is when music becomes an entity in and of itself, unique to these people even if you do say something “This is a mix of Element A and Element B”.

                What Charlie Oxford does, however, is almost note for note, beat for beat, takes pages right out of the playbooks of current musicians such as Bruno Mars and Maroon 5.   I’m not even sure if this would fly twenty years from now, but considering that both Mr. Mars and the Misters Maroon are still out there making music this really doesn’t seem to have a place.

                Granted, this may have some appeal to some people who listen to pop music and don’t mind sending in the clones, but for me I must question why we need another Bruno Mars/Maroon 5 when we already have them in our rotation.  

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