Thursday, February 13, 2014

CD REVIEW: Grey Frequency “Cold Geometry”

                Grey Frequency demonstrates all sorts of ambient soundscapes on “Cold Geometry”, but there is also something else to this music.   It flows through in soft whirrs, and overall could be described as the sound of air, but then it does turn into other aspects as it progresses.

                It becomes brooding at the third track, and that is when the bells come out.  By the end of the album though, we turn from quietcore into somewhat louder noises to end it all.

                What I’d really like to do as an experiment of sorts is to put this on play in a room when people are not really aware that it is a CD playing and then gauge their reactions to it.  Would they think their house was haunted?  Would they wonder if a pipe had burst? 

                Their reactions could become quite priceless, though whether or not I would do such a thing would depend upon my access to a hidden camera.

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