Thursday, February 13, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Swim Ignorant Fire “Belly of the Whale” (Rok Lok Records)

                What does Swim Ignorant Fire mean?  They’re three words that really don’t go together, especially since fire can’t swim unless you’re talking about that one time that lake near where I used to live caught on fire, but that was because of trash not the water in which you would actually swim.

                Whales swim, so that’s kind of connected, but maybe you don’t need to understand this band name to appreciate the music.  It is instrumental, ambient and there are loops.  There is a great deal of crashing static. 

                It also sounds like an amp is trying to plug in, and by that I mean something trying to plug its cord into an amplifier, and then we end up with a lot of dead air on Side A.   This might be because there are three songs on this tape and the first side is outnumbered, but who knows.

                We get some horns on the flipside, but mostly it’s the same sort of noise I liked on the first side.  I just wish we could do without the dead air. 

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