Thursday, February 13, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Stars Are Insane / Monogamy split tape (Rok Lok Records)

                There are many things that can be said about Stars Are Insane.    Most of them cannot be said in mixed company.   But seriously, I’ve been working on reviewing all releases by Stars Are Insane (Yes, I’m crazy) and it only seems fitting my first review for them is via cassette tape.

                Stars Are Insane have two songs on this split, while Monogamy have three so it leaves a little bit of dead air at the end of Side A.  Stars Are Insane are loudgaze.  There is distorted bliss, loops and it is very melodic.   There are impeccable guitar notes and it is vaguely instrumental. 

                On the other hand, Monogamy is a distorted cloudburst of doom.   There are almost robotic type vocals, but in a very human way.  This is somewhere between a static filled radio broadcast, early Marilyn Manson and Deathdealer.

                Though short in length, this is kind of like a cassingle between these two bands but some sort of weird new hybrid because it’s a split so I’m definitely digging it. 

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