Thursday, February 6, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Shawn Mrazek Lives! “Thought He Was Dead” (Lost Sound Tapes)

                I didn’t think that Shawn Mrazek was dead because I didn’t even really know that he lives.    Upon hearing this though, I am quite pleased to find out both that he is alive and is not dead despite what some people apparently thought.

                Also, on a sort of related bit of news, I did think for some reason that this was going to be a collection of live recordings (I admit, the “Lives!” threw me off), but it is not.

                The music found on here is rock n roll.  It’s Coyote Shivers, The Thermals, The Hold Steady and Fred Schneider all rolled into one amazing band.  It’s something that could be found on the Empire Records soundtrack and that was such an excellent time to be part of music (Still one of my favorite soundtracks as well)

                I also must try to phrase the notion that this is what I imagine that The Strokes would sound like if The Strokes were a better band.  When I first heard “Last Night”, I thought it was kind of catchy, but I never really liked The Strokes.

                In my mind- in my musical mind- if The Strokes were a band that I wanted to listen to this is what they would sound like.

                These are eight songs, including a cover of “My Funny Valentine”, and they replay on Side B, which is always a fun aspect of cassettes for me.

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