Thursday, February 13, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Satellite Jockey “My first Satellite Jockey cassette tape”

                The zap of the lasers begin this tape and I immediately fear it is the Cobra attack we all know that Walmart is plotting.  The music turns into a cross between Modest Mouse, The Beatles and Space Boyfriend. 

                I also can hear some Cyndi Lauper and Primus on the first side before we slow things down with that Lou Reed soft spoken vibe and a nice drumbeat. 

                The flip side has a set of live songs first.  It begins acoustic like Pink Floyd, but then The Beatles also come back in a big way.  It channels Deerhoof and even Sleigh Bells at times, but can mostly sound like something out of the 1980’s/early ‘90’s. 

                This is pretty high energy overall, as even on the slower numbers you still feel like you’re not going to be caught yawning.   It’s like pop punk only with the pop replaced with a bit of something else that isn’t quite your typical pop that makes pop punk.   It’s like pop punk with a twist; I’m just not sure what the twist is exactly.

                It is definitely a good twist though and it makes me feel like more bands should sound like this and stop trying to rip off Yellowcard.  The closest thing I had to this sound as a cassette growing up was Bryan Adams!!

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