Thursday, February 13, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: The Grow Fangs s/t (Already Dead)

                At first take, The Grow Fangs come off somewhere between the Vandals and Electric Eel Shock.  That isn’t to say that they aren’t punk rock n roll, but they do have some more experimental qualities to their obnoxious songs as the tape goes on.

                Some of the songs are really just little bits and some of them are about Delaware which I think is probably the most boring of all of the United States.   By the end of the tape though, I can hear a little bit more of something like pop punk coming out as I do hear a little bit of Allister.

                If you took a band that was punk rock in their method (i.e. short, nonsensical songs) but rock n roll musically and added in the Teen Titans version of Beast Boy on vocals, that’d be kind of close to what The Grow Fangs sound like.

                Pizza Hut taste my butt indeed. 

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