Wednesday, February 5, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Evasive Backflip “Orange You Glad to See Orange You?” (Grandpa Bay)

                At first listen, Evasive Backflip can come off like a hardcore kind of ska punk band.  Within the first few notes, I can hear something coming out not too different from Operation Ivy or Assorted Jellybeans.  But then, it kicks in and becomes a whole new ball game.

                Sure, some of the original undertones remain, but when it comes down right to it, Evasive Backflip is a math rock band.  They have hints of Primus and maybe even TMBG, but the fuzzy sort of noise rock also has many starts and stops, which is just spectacular.

                As far as cassettes go, and releases in general, this is three songs:  the title track on the first side and two other tracks on the flip side.   It reminds me of a cassingle, which I simply cannot get enough of on any planet, and for that this has become one of my favorite tapes.

                Also, I mean, the music just comes together and sounds great on cassette, so when you put that all into play, this is just a great flashback and step forward all wrapped into one.

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