Thursday, February 13, 2014

CASSETTE REVIEW: Ecole du Ciel “Heartbeat War Drum” (Already Dead)

                My first thought of Ecole du Ciel (which I am undoubtedly mispronouncing in my head) is that it takes me back to a time when a label such as Equal Vision Records had bands that I enjoyed and I was listening to just about every single one of them.   Now I couldn’t even name one band on EVR.

                It makes me kind of sad, as I wonder if tastes change (mine or theirs) and something like Already Dead, who I am currently enjoying all of the releases of, will one day change and I’ll be saying “Remember when…”.   But that won’t be for something like ten years, so let’s appreciate the time now while we have it.

                Ecole du Ciel (which I know I’m going to fuck up and misspell one of these times) has that heavy indie rock quality of a band such as The Lot Six.   That is combined with the absurdity of Piebald and the underlying hardcore tones of Grade and I Am the Avalanche. 

                The second side of this tape is a bit more instrumental heavy, and it reminds me of the Casket Lottery, especially on the second track (fifth overall).   It’s just weird because there is a lot of dead air on the first and it makes sense when you realize that the second side is at least twice as long, though I’m not actually counting.

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