Monday, December 23, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Class Actress "Rapprocher"

            This immediately had me fall in love with it.  It’s synth pop, sure, but that’s such a broad term that I can’t even really compare it to anything else in that genre.   I could best describe it, perhaps, as a cross between Tegan and Sara and Garbage. 

            The melodies feel layered and overall it just seems mechanical in the delivery to some extent, which of course crosses over to that almost hypnotic quality that obviously would be the pop influence but it’s hard to fight it because it’s not overly annoying as some pop can be.

            Even up until almost the very end, a song like “Missed” can get stuck in your head with the chorus of “You’re gonna miss me so bad”.  

            To me, this is just everything that is right about pop music.  I wouldn’t really say that I like or dislike pop music, but if I have to listen to it and pick a side I’d want the most of the pop music that I listen to sounding like this.

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