Saturday, December 7, 2013

SPOTIFY REVIEW: Britney Spears “Britney Jean”

            This is the eighth studio album by Britney Spears and I really feel like we’ve been through a lot of her life with her.   From the young, innocent years to the older, crazier years.  And even though I may not have liked Britney for the music at first, I did start really liking her music with the song “Toxic”.  (Plus, anyone who can get Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha on a song with them is tops in my book)

            In what will certainly go down in history as The Year of Music, Britney pulls out the last minute album of the year candidate for many, as she stands alongside contemporaries Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and pretty much everyone else except Ke$ha to release a new album this year.

            I considered writing a review for each of these songs (and I could), but then I ultimately decided it’d be best for you, my dear readers, to experience a lot of these songs for yourself.
            The opening track alone, “Alien”, makes the album worth a listen even for those who are not fans.  She sings about lights in the sky and repeats how she is “not alone”, suggesting perhaps a recent trip to Area 51.  

            A song like “Work Work” has a nice dance beat, but she certainly also channels the Lady Gaga/Madonna vibe, which is interesting since at one point in time it felt as if Britney herself was setting the pace for the music.

            The song “Perfume” (and this will be my last individual song note) has a paranoid vibe to it, in which Britney sings “I hope she smells my perfume”.   At first I kind of thought this song was about Britney being the mistress, but after listening to it a few times over you get more of the vibe about her just sensing that she’s the one being cheated on.

            Side Note:  Britney Spears does have her own perfume available for sale, so I also find that to be kind of funny, like maybe the whole song is just a commercial for her fragrance.  (Happy coincidence?)

            I’m not going to complain about music that Britney Spears puts out because I’m always to like her music on some level, but that also doesn’t mean I’m going to put down the money to actually buy this album either.  I’ll just continue to listen to it on Spotify and then ultimately buy it one day potentially from Savers for $2 or less.  

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