Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Tanner Garza “Black & Gold” (self-released)

                While this is the first tape I purchased from Tanner Garza, I have been listening to his music for some time, as he often comes up on Band Camp if not under his own name then under one of his monikers (Uncle Meat, Black Leather Jesus, Fallout Boy, etc.). 

                What’s special about this tape- and what ultimately lead to my buying it- was that it was an edition of two and the first one had already been bought.   Thus, Band Camp was kind enough to inform me that I could have the only other copy of a tape by someone whose music I was already listening to, so my love of cassettes drove me to click the buy button.

                (Please Note: If you are in a band or a musician in general, do not take this as an open invitation to start posting tapes up as limited numbers at ridiculous prices knowing that I will buy them because I downloaded and liked your demo.  I neither get paid for doing this nor do I have an endless bank roll, though I do wish someone would become my financial backer and I could start writing off buying music as a business expense)

                This tape says that it samples loops and all of that, but I’ve never quite understood what that was all about.  The only way that I understood looping was when someone looped their vocals live once and I thought it was kind of neat.  But being able to distinguish someone looping, say, a guitar part versus just playing the note is not a distinction I can make.

                Perhaps one day Mr. Garza will be willing to walk me through what looping is and then I can share the results with you, better helping us all, but for now you need only know these two things:

                Firstly, this music is atmospheric.  It’s what people commonly refer to as noise on some level, but it also just makes you feel things, sense things in ways that don’t just include your ears and listening.

                Secondly, this tape is an edition of two, and I own the second of the pair, so basically you cannot have one.  I’m supposed to do these reviews as pitches like, “This is good, so go buy it!” but the simple fact is that you cannot buy this tape.   All you can do is patiently watch Tanner Garza’s Band Camp page to see if maybe next time you can get to the tape before it says “Sold Out”.  

                Yes, Tanner Garza has much other music for sale that I think you will enjoy, but as for this specific tape, just rest assured in knowing that I have it and you do not. 

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