Tuesday, December 3, 2013

CASSETTE REVIEW: Nadine Carina s/t (Furious Hooves)

                Nadine Carina is what you would think of as being that singer/songwriter bedroom pop sort of sound.   This has been done before, sure, and names so recent come to mind as Lucy Collins, but this is just on such another level.   These five songs take you on a journey to the past with Billie Holiday and then back to the present with Kimbra.

                There is something honest, simple and raw about grabbing a tape recorder, acoustic guitar and singing when you press record.  This is one of my favorite kinds of music to be transmitted via cassette tape.  But Nadine Carina takes that idea and really just goes above and beyond anything you might think it will sound like.

                Side A merely replays on Side B, but the funny thing is that when I realized that I didn’t care—I just let it play through again because of how much I like it.


(Editor's Note: As linking this, the tape is sold out at the Furious Hooves Band Camp page, so sorry it took me so long to review)

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